Trauma Informed Counselling & Psychotherapy

I offer a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental, anti-discriminatory therapeutic service that is open to all, both online and in person.

I work with people experiencing a range of issues including bereavement, perinatal and postnatal mental heath, complex trauma, historical child sexual abuse, physical abuse emotional abuse, abandonment and neglect.

I have helped people to work through the aftermath of coercive controlling relationships, complex grief, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, unexpressed or numb emotions, extreme irritation anger and rage. Fear of connection, painful separation and divorce, domestic violence, gambling, alcohol and food addiction, disordered eating, body image issues and more...

How I work

My therapy is a collaborative process that is personal and to you. We develop the therapeutic relationship together. I listen with the aim of understanding how your experiences impact your life, without making assumptions, interpreting symptoms or trying to fit you into a formula.

I am an interactive person-centred therapist, I will be in there with you, without getting in the way of your thoughts, processes, and insights. You will feel supported and held by me as your confident companion, through the more painful aspects of the therapeutic process. I will be your ally, as you connect with feelings you may have been avoiding, or experiences you may have felt too difficult to explore or examine on your own.

Depending on your goals for therapy, I can offer you time and space to explore your concerns, or offer a range of tools and techniques to help you access and process traumatic experiences, difficult emotions or limiting beliefs. Therapy can help you change or widen you perspective regarding your situation or your life, develop self-compassion, self-confidence, self-acceptance and an enthusiasm for life.

BWRT & Therapeutic Coaching

I am trained in a wide range of therapeutic approaches to offer you the best that Counselling and Psychotherapy has to offer. BWRT Therapy is a solution-focused, targeted therapy that can help you make lasting change and find new ways to move forward in life.

I am trained and experienced in: Rewind Trauma Therapy, BWRT, Brain-Working Recursive Therapy, Practitioner Level 1 General Psychopathology, Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy, Person-Centred Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, (NLP), Inner Child work, Fusion Integrated Therapeutic Coaching and Relational Dynamics 1st Coaching for the Arts.

BWRT Therapy is a rapid, dynamic process that will quickly and effectively move you from feeling stuck, to feeling motivated, excited and in control of your life.

Get in touch

Please contact me if you have any questions about my Counselling, Supervision, BWRT Therapy or Therapeutic Coaching services.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and I use a secure phone and email services.

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